The sale of these two publications has raised a tidy sum for Rotary charities and, apart from a few blue copies, they are now sold out. Thank you to all those who contributed by buying a copy. By putting the information on the internet (and adding previously unpublished chapters on Stow Bardolph, Nordelph and Outwell) it is hoped to make the information available to a worldwide audience. There are people all over the world who can trace their ancestors back to the parishes around Downham Market and many wish to find out more. The other benefit of an online version is that links can readily be established to other sources at the click of a button.

Anyone wishing to access the Downham Rotary website can do so at

In this connection I would, in particular, recommend the Norfolk Churches website run by Simon Knott where there is a great wealth of information to which I have frequently referred. Likewise has great coverage and many facts and photos have been used from Richard Bristow's excellent database. Thirdly, I would commend ,and Peter Cox who runs it, for information on the Welney chapter. For the many windmills past and present in the area please see where there is a huge amount of information available. Throughout this work I have endeavoured to seek permission to use other people's research and photographs and have duly credited those sources, I hope, in all cases. For my part, please feel free to use any of the information that you may find useful - history is for all, after all.

The Downham Market and District Heritage Society - they cover a far wider area than Downham itself - is developing its new heritage centre in Downham's old fire station on Priory Road. A tremendous amount of hard work by Dave Flower and others has gone into this project and it is now reaching fruition. Please refer to They have microfilm copies of all the parish registers (up to about the year 1900) in the parishes covered.

Now that the information is online it is possible to add to it and amend it - a luxury not available when books are published. It is also possible to correct typos and errors of fact when they come to light. You can contact me on My priority has been to get the website up and running and then to refine and add to it once it is online so there may be more errors, omissions and general flaws in the short term rather than later.

DO YOU HAVE INFORMATION WHICH CAN BE ADDED? Please email me, especially if there are links overseas or interesting stories.